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it's divided in 6 administrative districts and it's lived by more then 2,3 million people.

Language: the official spoken language is Romanian
Government: Parliament Republic.
National Day: The fist day of December has been chosen as National Day in 1990
Holidays: 1 - 2 January (for new year), Easter, 1 May, 1 December, 25 e 26 December (Christmas)
Climate: mild - continental

Essential document: It's necessary to have a passport or a valid Identity Card for expatriation
Driving Licens: International license.

Local money: the official money is the LEU
Device: the USA dollar and Euros are easily accepted

The city has a good system of transport:

- Airports - Bucarest has two airports, the Baneasa (internal flight, Myair and Bluair) to 6 km from city center and l'Otopeni Airport (international flight)
- Metro - There are four subway lines (M1,M2,M3,M4); (
View the Subway map ). They worked from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m.
- Bus - You can buy bus tickets in RATB place or at the subway stations.
- Train - The local company is the SNCFR.
- Taxi - There are about 10.000 taxi in the city. We device to travel with taxi. They are cheaper.




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